Weird Chicago Tours-Business Owner Spotlight!

Weird Chicago ToursHere at we thought it would be fun to start interviewing our clients.  Nothing formal and possibly a little whack-a-do on subject matter but we believe all business owners are interesting and have a story to tell!  To find Weird Chicago Tours Coupons you know where to click, right here:

 What is your most popular product or service & why? The most popular tour that I offer is Weird Chicago, since it runs all year around. Most of the other Illinois tours that we do are seasonal. Out of all of the tours, our general “Weird & Haunted Tour” is usually in the most demand. It travels all over the city and takes things from all of our specialty tours like our gangster tours, serial killers tours, etc. We also get a lot of demand for a couple of tours that I do personally, namely my Resurrection Mary Tour, and for the Devil & the White City Tour, which is about the 1893 World’s Fair and the serial killer, H.H. Holmes. We were actually the first to do a tour like that in Chicago. We’ve got some imitators now, but we are consistently sold out on that one.

What or who inspired you to start your business? I started doing ghost tours in 1994, long before anyone had really heard of such a thing. I was just starting out as a writer at the time and thought it would be fun to take people to see places that I featured in my books. I started my first tour in Decatur, Illinois and it kind of went from there. I now have tours in Decatur, Springfield, Alton, Lebanon, Jacksonville and of course, Chicago. I also have a company that takes people on ghost hunts and overnight stays in haunted places around the country  

Besides your work what do you feel passionate about? History – I absolutely love it in the same way that a lot of people feel about sports. I’m obviously fascinated with ghosts but I really like to delve into history and true crimes of the past (I’ve written 81 books about all three subjects) and never get tired of finding out things that I didn’t know before. And movies, haha… I also own a movie theater, so really my work has become about doing the things that I am most passionate about.

List 1 item off your bucket list of things you would like to accomplish: Going to Ireland. My great-grandparents came from County Kerry in the early 1900s and I’d love to visit. So far, I haven’t made it… but one of these days!

What’s your favorite hotspot? The Green Mill Lounge is my favorite place in the city. It’s one of the only gangster spots that we have left today that is still intact with connections to both Al Capone and Jack McGurn. Thursday nights are my favorite since two of my friends perform each week with Alan Gresik’s Swing Shift Orchestra. It’s my favorite night of the week whenever I’m home.

What television show are you addicted to? Oh boy.. I have a weakness for TV shows that I’m pretty sure date back to me being a latchkey kid with a TV as a babysitter but I’ve always been a sucker for Law & Order dramas, good cop shows and HBO series’ like “Boardwalk Empire”, the “Sopranos” and “Deadwood”, some of which are sadly no longer on the air. My greatest vice, though, is “Sons of Anarchy”. I never miss it! 


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